kwiko update #1: two new decks and extended slang vocabulary

kwiko updates

Hi kwiko community,

In the recent days, we updated all existing apps to make sure there are no words or phrases without usage examples. There are a few exceptions, but now should be able to easily understand how a word or phrase can be user in real context.

We also added two new decks to the kwiko app: vocabulary that will help you arrange a meeting and write a business email.

Arrange a meeting

Learning this deck will help you set up a meeting in no time. The most essential vocabulary to find the right time, discuss what’s on the agenda, reschedule, explain the urgency and much more. Here are a few sample words:

Write an email

The second deck will help you write a formal email to your colleagues. Actually, most of the words and phrases are also useful when exchanging emails with your landlord or dental clinic. Here are few examples:

More slang and colloquial expressions

The deck in the app was not up to date compared to the blog post on slang expressions which is one of the most favorite posts on my blog here. Now it’s up to date and even better – it has a few words and expressions which are not included in the blog post.

Stay tuned for more updates! We add new decks regularly. In fact, if you are missing a deck, simply send me an email and I will kwikly add it😎😊.

Mach’s gut,

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